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Completed Projects

Project: Willow Hill Gas Mitigation System
Owner: SWM International Inc.
Engineer: CT Male / Robert Flores
Location: Lee, Massachusetts
Value: $456,254.00

Scope of Work:

- Work involved the installation of seven new well heads along with three media beds and blower system to remove methane gas mitigation to adjacent properties.
- 7 well heads were drilling along outer edge of landfill to capture any gas mitigation.
- 3 concrete pads were installed with piping and a special blend of mulch media was installed according to plans.
- Piping was installed from new well heads down to newly installed blower system.
- This system would extract the migrating gas from the landfill and blow into media beds which were designed to remove gas and odor from landfill.
- Topsoil, seeded and mulched all disturbed areas.
- Deadline was 120 days to completion which was met.
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