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Completed Projects — Sand Filter System

Waste Water Treatment System

VALUE:           $188,873.55

  • Project involved the installation of a buried sand filter system, pump station, force main, and outfall pipe to accommodate  rest rooms within the facility. Previous system failed which required them having to pump out their septic tanks weekly.
  • A 5000gal septic tank and a 15ft high 6ft round pump chamber was installed next to facility, all piping was rerouted to new tank. New force main, roughly 1200ft was installed, 120ft of that pipe was a specific spec to be insulated and heat tape as it had to cross a stream attached to a bridge with special brackets and would be exposed to harsh weather.
  • The proposed area for the new sand filter had to be cleared and excavated to grade. Stone, sand and piping were installed according to specifications. 2 manholes were installed, one for the new force main to terminate and one for the collection of the water after treatment thru the sand filter. A dosing chamber was used to discharge the sewage into the sand filter which alternated between 2 separate systems within the sand filter.
  • The outfall pipe was ductile iron pipe, 6” in diameter which tied into the collection manhole and discharged into stream after treatment. The force main manhole was gravity fed into dosing chamber with 4” sdr 35.
  • Pressure tested force main, installed slide rail system with 2 pumps in pump chamber along with control panel.
  • Performed a flow test and put new system into operation. Topsoil, seed and mulched all disturbed areas along with any asphalt paving repairs.
  • Length of project took 45 days from start to completion with additional paving being added on after.
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