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Completed Projects

Heavy Projects

Nott Street Sidewalks

Installation of roughly 1400ft x 5ft of new concrete sidewalks along Nott Street with traffic control. View More...
Waste Water Treatment Plant

Installation of a sewage treatment plant capable of treating 27,000 gallons of sewage per day. View More...
Stream Stabilization Project

Repairing stream bank due to erosion from stream and compromising existing structures. View More...
Catskill Streetscape Project

Installation of roughly 5ft x 3500ft of new concrete sidewalks and 6” curbing. View More...
Sand Filter & Collection System

Installation of a 100ft x 200ft buried sand filter system over the existing system to accommodate the increase in sewage flows due to both elementary and high school being tied into one system. The collection system involved 1700ft of 8” sdr 35 pipe with 10 manhole installations to tie elementary school into new sand filter. View More...

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Installation of a Bioclere wastewater treatment plant supplied by Aquapoint to service nine homes along Copake lake. View More...
Water Distribution System

Involved abandonment of the existing water distribution system and treatment plants and installing new HDPE water lines throughout Taghkanic State Park with a new water treatment plant and new 400 sq. ft. building to accommodate the new treatment equipment. View More...

Willow Hill Gas Mitigation System

Involved the installation of seven new well heads along with three media beds and blower system to remove methane gas mitigation to adjacent properties. View More

Sawyer Chevrolet Foundation

Involved the excavation and concrete work for proposed new 100ft x 200ft service area along with a 40ft x 30ft showroom addition. View More...
Water Treatment Plant

Involved improvements to 2 out 3 existing sludge bays so they were capable of recycling backwash water from treatment plant. View More...

Sidewalk Project #2 - Red Hook

Involved the installation of new sidewalks and curbing along Park Ave. View More...

SWM Natural Gas Piping

This project  included the installation of natural gas piping from CNG unloading station to mill boiler room...View More

Additional Projects:

Waste Water Pump Station Sidewalk Renovation Playground Installation Watermain Replacement
Sand Filter System Sidewalk Installation Sidewalk Improvement

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