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Heavy Construction

Our Services

All phases of heavy construction require quality and experience. We pride ourselves in meeting strict deadlines and getting projects done safely.
Site Work

The most important part of any job is the site work or site preparation. Location and layout of a project begins here. From land clearing, excavation, elevations, erosion control, cut and fill to final grading and landscaping. View More...
Concrete Work

Our concrete works cover: sidewalks, slabs, decorative or stamped to all phases of concrete installations. View More...
Sewage Disposal Systems

There are many types of sewage disposal systems to fit your individual needs. Here are some examples. View More...
Sewage Collection Systems

Septic tanks, Manholes and PVC pipe are used to collect sewage and sent to a disposal system. View More...
Water Distribution Systems

HDPE, PVC and Ductile Iron water pipes are what supply us with drinking water. View More...

Storm Water

Catch basins and a network of pipping are used to collect water runoff from parking lots or surrounding areas, and distribute elsewhere. View More...
     DIY Special

DIY presents Rescue my Renovation featuring J. Wase Construction Corp in their episode Addition by Subtraction. Check your local listing.

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